Florist Spotlight

An interview with Lynnette Probst, Floral Manager, Lin’s Market, Cedar City, UT


“The floral & ballet faerie of cedar city, utah”


it’s just me

My store is of one of 39 in the Lin’s Market family. I’ve worked for the organization for 19 years—three, here, at Cedar City. I’m the only floral person at the shop, so it’s super busy all the time. Our cut flowers and standard arrangements come from Lin’s floral vendor Mountain Bloom, but whenever I get the opportunity, I love doing custom work. Last week, I created lots of table decorations for a customer having a birthday bash. I have the capacity to do wedding and event flowers, but must schedule carefully so that I can fulfill all the demands of my department. I have to cap myself, working to quality rather than quantity.

learning & growing

My grandfather had greenhouses in Seattle, so I grew up around flowers and plants. My mother worked in a florist shop and I would go in to help during the holidays, where I learned the floral basics.

During my tenure at Lin’s, my design skills have grown. I’m a lover of all visual arts, so flowers are part of that creativity. I consider myself self-taught and spend a good deal of time on Pinterest and YouTube, learning what’s trending.

Like all Lin’s department managers, I receive weekly floral projections that help me see a past history of spending, sales and what we order. The numbers are important and it’s great to surpass previous sales.

I’m fortunate to have a corporate boss who supports my custom design and the work I do to create seasonal displays within the store. Many of Lin’s floral departments have part-time floral managers, so my being here full-time really benefits the store, our wonderful customers and me!

creating the in-your-face wow

Our floral department is right bang at the store entrance. I work hard, each season, to conceive interesting and beautiful displays. It’s like curating a window in 3D. I bring in props and source locally-grown product, like brown poinsettias and gourds for the fall season. There are great opportunities to cross-promote within store departments. Department managers will put their heads together to preorder Valentine’s Day items that will be great in the display I’ve themed. We might roll a cold case among the flowers and plants to hold cakes and chocolate. There will be bath bombs and other delicious things from the beauty department. I like to go tall, so balloons are often a big feature.

trending younger & more diverse

Cedar City is both a college town and a center of farming. Southern Utah University stages over three hundred cultural events each year, which attract lots of visitors. Our customers are trending younger and we have a wonderfully diverse guest base. I’m ordering and selling more indoor and outdoor plants. I have a great supplier who has whimsical planters which, with one or two plants, are perfectly priced. Succulents continue to sell like hot cakes—young people like things that last. More potted plants are good for the store, too, as they hold up longer than cut flowers.

on my toes, here & in the community

I have a degree in dance from Southern Utah University and spend my spare time supporting the many performing arts events in town. Right now, I’m doing the choreography for the Cedar City Junior Ballet. We are working toward a March performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I’ve assigned myself a small part as a fairy! It is super fun and connects me with so many people, who ultimately stop by the store for a prom corsage, boutonniere or just a bouquet of flowers.