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The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc. Officers and the Board of Directors met virtually on June 12th, 2020 and awarded 13 grants totaling $131,440.00 dollars.

Since the Foundation was established in 1960, the Gloeckner Foundation’s support of floriculture research has totaled over $7.2 million dollars.

After reviewing proposals from many colleges, universities and research institutions in the United States 13 grants in the amount of $131,440.00 were awarded as follows:
$10,000.00 Michigan State University (R. Lopez) – Quantifying the Influence of Substrate and Water Temperature on Caladium Production

$9,000.00 Michigan State University (R. Lopez) – Developing Propagation and Production Protocols for Potted Culinary Herbs

$8,000.00 University of Florida (D. Clark) – Collegiate Plant Initiative: Connecting College Students to Horticulture

$10,000.00 University of Central Florida (C. Mason) – Toward Breeding a More Fragrant Sunflower: Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Floral Fragrance in Cultivated Helianthus annuus

$10,000.00 Longwood Gardens, American Society for Horticultural Science also North Carolina State University, and the Seed Your Future movement collaboration (J. Dole, S. Yoder) – Seed Your Future: Promoting Horticulture and Careers Working with Plants.

$13,000.00 Kansas State University (R. Cloyd) – Integrating the Insidious Flower Bug, Orius insidiosus, with an Insecticide to Suppress Western Flower thrips, Frankiniella occidentalis, Populations in Greenhouses

$5,095.00 North Carolina State University (B. Whipker, B. Krug) – Fertilizer Mixing Calculator (FertCalc) Upgrade

$14,000.00 University of California, Berkeley (M. Wildermuth) – Targeting Powdery Mildew Genes That Act in Plant Colonization to Limit Powdery Mildew Disease

$10,000.00 The Ohio State University (M. Jones) – Using Beneficial Bacteria to Improve Post-Production Stress Tolerance and Shelf Life

$12,000.00 University of California, Davis (J. Del Castillo Múnera) – Characterizing the Emergent Pathogen Sclerotinia minor in Ornamental Crops in California and Evaluating an Integrated Approach for Disease Management

$10,000.00 University of Georgia (M. van Iersel) – Fluorescence Imaging: a Low-Cost Method for Early Stress Detection

New York Florist’s Club Grants

$10,345.00 Cornell University (M. Bridgen) – Developing In Vitro Techniques to Enhance Breeding of Ornamental Plants

$10,000.00 University of Wisconsin-River Falls (D. Zlesak) – Sponsorship of the New Edition of the Compendium of Rose Diseases and Pests

2020 Total $131,440.00 Total Research Grants 1961 – 2019 $7,216,495.95

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