With a passion for design and a love for all-things colorful, Floral Designer/Manager Janet Markowicz and Department Supervisor Tom Moynihan created a display for Valentine’s Day that served to showcase the many “Shades of Love” at Roche Bros., located in Millis, Mass.


“Design theme includes bouquets and gifts in a wide spectrum of hues.”


As one of 17 stores in Massachusetts for the supermarket chain, the Millis location opted to create a theme that highlights a range of different flowers, plants and colors, with something to please every shopper, budget and recipient. As part of the display, colorful signage offered poems and the meanings behind certain colors while bouquet signs provided well-defined pricing information. In addition, Markowicz used balloons, tote bags, chocolates and baked goods wisely as tie-ins for Valentine’s Day sales, which afforded the floral staff many creative options to upsell customers beyond bouquets.

Along with numerous rose bouquets, red-and-white carnation bouquets beckoned to shoppers, as well as tulips in various colors and miniature plants in ceramic pots – both acting as complements to other colorful floral arrangements. The themed display was well designed and allowed the department to be decorated with an abundance of color and cross-merchandised candy and cupcakes. Overall, the “Shades of Love” theme was a creative and savvy way to bring in many shades of success for Markowicz, Moynihan and the Millis floral team at Roche Bros.