For Valentine’s Day 2019, Jessica DeSalvatore, produce manager at Publix at Sunrise Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., wanted to highlight the “language of flowers” by informing customers of the meanings of various colors of roses.


“Valentine’s Day display at a Ft. Lauderdale Publix helped customers choose the right roses.”


Above a selection of merchandise that included rose arrangements, bunches and bouquets hung handmade banners that read “What Does the Color of Your Valentine’s Day Roses Say?” Below the banners, were four suspended paint cans from which colored fabric fell, resembling paint pouring out of the can. And attached to each piece of colored fabric – yellow, white, red and pink – was a sign noting the meaning of those four colors of roses:

• Yellow: We’re friends, and I care about you.
• White: I’m the one for you.
• Red: I love you.
• Pink: Admiration.

“The display helped customers choose what color roses they wanted to buy,” DeSalvatore noted. “Customers loved it and took pictures in front of it. And we had an increase in sales – despite rainy weather!”

DeSalvatore entered this display in the 2019 Merchandising Award of Excellence contest. If you’re thinking about entering your Christmas and Valentine’s Day displays in the 2020 contest (entry deadline April 30, 2020), take photos of your displays as soon as you create them, and upload the images to the “Contests” page at