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Jet Fresh Flower Distributors at World Floral Expo 2020 Jet Fresh Flower Distributors returns to World Floral Expo in New York with a fresh booth design to showcase their fresh-cut and preserved flowers from Miami. Over the years, they have revealed a different booth idea that keeps visitors wondering what’s next. Last year, they showcased their “Living In Color” theme: a quad-view exhibit featuring color-blocked rooms where the decor and flowers were all monochromatic. Using color strategically, the rooms were designed to convey the feelings they evoke. “This was an attention-grabbing effort cleverly pulled off by a floral team known to think big,” said E. Shaunn Alderman for Produce Business. “For retailers, this extreme approach might be too intense – no blue toilets in the floral department – but the merchandising effort for this show paid off in numerous ways including the inspiration of many Instagram posts. Jet Fresh set out to have fun and inspire floral purchases.” Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, a family-owned and operated wholesale importer, distributor, and now grower supplies an unparalleled range of cut flowers for wholesale and events around the world. They’re known for creating eye-catching booths that are conceptualized and designed entirely in-house. In 2017 they featured the Rose Roulette, an interactive casino made out of fresh-cut and preserved roses. And in 2016, they displayed a hippy, psychedelic floral theme which included a custom spinning prize wheel made with fresh-cut flowers, and accompanied with a real Volkswagen Bus decorated in flowers. There’s no limit to what Jet Fresh is willing to exhibit at World Floral Expo. Each year they’re driven to create something different that will ignite the floral industry. “Our mission is to inspire, spark some creativity, to stand out and invite people in,” said Ryan Black, Marketing Director. See Jet Fresh Flower Distributors at Booth 2012 . Learn more at JetFreshFlowers.com Hilverda de Boer at World Floral Expo 2020. Hilverda De Boer is one of The Netherlands’ oldest, largest and most innovative exporter of cut flowers. With that, the specific logistical needs of our customers and the world in which they […]