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2 Photos This lush assortment of freshly cut hydrangeas, photographed Aug. 14, 2019, at a home near Langley, Wash., should continue looking fresh from five to seven days before they begin to wilt. The vase life of cut flowers lasts longer when they’re kept in cool areas and are properly nourished. (Dean Fosdick via AP) (Dean Fosdick/Associated Press) Fresh-cut flower arrangements are fleeting, but you can keep them lively longer by taking a few simple steps in selection, conditioning and nourishment. “Cut flowers generally last five to seven days after the time they get to the consumer,” said Lisa Mason Ziegler, a cut flower grower and operator of The Gardener’s Workshop, an online flower farming school near Newport News, Va. When selecting cut flowers, keep in mind that iris, tulips, snapdragons and daffodils have an extremely short vase life — less than a week. Orchids, carnations and chrysanthemums usually last two weeks or more. A clean vase is important, Ziegler said. “Put it in a dishwasher to remove any bacteria. Then cut 1 to 2 inches off each stem before putting them into the vase. They’re probably clogged but cutting will open them up and they’ll be able to feed again,” she says. Conditioning needs vary, said John Dole, an associate dean and floriculture specialist at North Carolina State University. Some varieties require more managing than others, but all cut flowers should be fed. “Use the flower food packets that most likely came with the bouquet,” Dole said. “Mix according to directions and position the flowers into the vase. After they’ve had their first big drink, take them out, put in fresh water and cut the stems again.” By wary of homemade floral preservatives, Dole said. “We’ve tried a wide mixture including aspirin, pennies and vinegar,” he said. “The only one that seems to have any validity is a clear soda (like 7-Up or Sprite) mixed 50-50 with water. It has to be the regular stuff with sugar.” Additional tips for extending the vase life of cut flowers: • Give stems a nice flat cut if the flowers are […]