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A florist will be giving away free flowers to customers on Wednesday in a bid to raise awareness of the World’s second-largest flower grower – Colombia. Old Oak Floral Designers on the High street in Ascot will be bringing salsa, coffee and flower prizes by turning its shop into a little piece of Colombia. It comes after the ‘Flowers of Colombia’ campaign, which showcases the countries diversity and how residents can learn about where their flowers come from when they buy them from the shop. Flowers of Colombia is linking up with key florists around the UK to allow residents to learn about the country and how the flowers are grown out there. There will be an opportunity to purchase roses the size of coffee cups and win a specially designed bouquet. As well as this, floral enthusiasts can pose by the colourful selfie frame. The event starts at 9am to 3pm and there will be a variety of carnations, hydrangeas and roses on offer. Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country and second largest flower grower in the world. The country is also close to the Equator, which makes it a good place to grow flowers because growers can use natural heat and light, meaning far lower carbon footprint.