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The 2020 Royal Court float On New Year’s morning, everything will be coming up roses — and carnations and chrysanthemums and dendrobium orchids and cymbidiums and daisies and more. Flowers of every type, by the tens of thousands, will decorate all of the colorful floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade. That’s how things roll in Pasadena. Here’s an alphabetical look at those entries in the 2020 edition of the parade. (The planned order of march) 2020 Royal Court (Phoenix Decorating Company) The 102nd Rose Queen, Camille Kennedy, and the 2020 Royal Court — Cole Fox, Emilie Risha, Reese Rosental Saporito, Rukan Saif, Mia Thorsen and Michael Wilkins — are presented beneath a decorative bejeweled crown sitting amid elegant tailored rose gardens. Opulently carved urns flanking the float feature magnificent rose and floral arrangements. AIDS Healthcare Foundation AIDS Healthcare Foundation Hope for the Homeless (Fiesta Parade Floats) AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s 2020 float is dedicated to raising awareness about and prompting action on the national crises of homelessness and affordable housing. At the intersection of “Hope” and “Dream,” a cobblestone path leads to a community of new and repurposed floral houses for low income and houseless families. Cheerful oversized sunflowers and floral vines frame the homes created in a colorful array of floral materials. Yellow strawflower, statice, orange marigold petals green manzanita leaves and parsley flakes with brown and gold flax seed, sweet rice and orange lentils are featured. City of Alhambra City of Alhambra Hope Keeps Us Going (Phoenix Decorating Company) Alhambra’s float features a fun, fanciful locomotive on a train track routed on a lush bed of flowers chugging down Colorado Boulevard. The cartoon-styled locomotive features a smiling face, the obligatory cow catcher and an experienced engineer guiding his engine and the elegantly decorated passenger car. The float theme was selected from submissions proposed by Alhambra elementary school children. The floral arrangement on top of the cow catcher features green deflexus, hot pink roses, green komodor ferns and white dendrobiums. Amazon Studios Amazon Studios Show the Universe Who You Truly Are (AES Creative) The Amazon Studios’ entry promotes […]